PRESS RELEASE For The Colorado Electric Bike Expo

Contact Name: Terry Gehrke
Organization: Colorado Electric Bike Expo & BEST electric bikes USA
Phone Number: 720.746.9958

The Colorado Electric Bike Expo and the Unveiling of the all new Stromer ST5

Introducing the STROMER ST5 – The Ultimate Commuter Electric Bike!

Date: April 21st 2018

Time: 11 am - 5 pm

Location: 1919 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204

Denver, Colorado: Bike season is upon us. To celebrate, this year’s April Colorado Electric Bike Expo will be featuring all the latest brands, models, and accessories as well as the brand new Stromer ST5! Swiss manufacturer Stromer, an electric-bike division of BMC, recently unveiled its newest pedal-assisted electric bike at Eurobike to overwhelming praise. Now coming to North America, this ultimate high speed commuter with it’s blend of beauty, power, and spectacular range is coming to the US in a limited quantity, with it’s first showing in Denver, Colorado at BEST electric bikes USA.

The ST5 is not your ordinary pedal-assisted bike! This innovative, fashionable, and superbly engineered e-bike takes things to the next level. With it's wireless connectivity, prodigious amount of power, colossal battery, and clean lines, the most advanced Stromer ever never ceases to deliver on it's mantra of being driven by perfection.

•More connectivity with the new OMNI featuring Wi-Fi, cellular data, GPS, and BT for added security and ease of use.
•Nearly 1 kWh battery (983 Wh), for a realistic range of 50 - 120 miles per charge.
•Beautiful cockpit design that integrates all cables and wires into the bar and out of sight.
•Equipped exclusively with high performance Cycle-E 27'5” tires developed with world class race car tire maker Pirelli!
•The new SYNO Sport motor is the most powerful Stromer motor to date, and with a touch of the “Sport” button, the ST5 provides even more excitement!

At this time, only 60 bikes will make their way to the US to just 10 dealers. The 10 city whirlwind tour showcasing the bike begins in Denver on April 21st and will be featured throughout the entire week through April 28th. Representatives from Stromer will be there on the 21st, along with refreshments, and even an option to take the bike on a demo ride! BEST electric bikes USA will be the exclusive dealer to offer the all new ST5 in Colorado and everyone is invited to marvel at the technological masterpiece.

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