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 Colorado electric bike expo

Join The Stromer ST5 electric bike  Unveil Party - April 21st 2018

Be the first to witness the unveiling of the all new ultimate electric bike the Stromer ST5 e-bike in the US. Marvel at the latest and greatest from one of the best known and highly awarded electric bicycle brands. You'll also get to meet some of the Stromer executives from Switzerland as well as enjoy refreshments Saturday, the 21st. And, of course, free demo rides are available all week! There are limited spots available to test out the ST5 so register today to save your spot.

​The Colorado Electric Bike Expo will have its next event May 26th 2018.
Attendees will be able to see and ride over a hundred different brands, models, colors. and sizes, of electric bikes, all  at one location. Meet factory reps, see all the new 2018 models and try before you buy.

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there are a lot of electric bikes for sale online, some good, some not so good now you can RIDE before you buy.